Shamanuti Black Activated Charcoal Unisex Cleanser / Shaving Cream

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Shamanuti Black Activated Charcoal Unisex Cleanser / Shaving Cream


This lux cleanser's main ingredient is activated charcoal, a substance which neutralizes acidity and absorbs impurities as well as odor. In addition to help detox and balance your skin's PH, the maple extract in this mixture provides a gentle exfoliation. Other added ingredients help improve texture and color.

Gentle and versatile, this cleanser is beneficial for all skin types, specially for sensitive, acne, rosacea and eczema prone skin. Made with natural ingredients.

Uses: Facial cleanser for all skin types, shaving cream and deodorizing body wash. 

4 oz


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Other ingredients: 

  • ANTI-AGING AGENTS: Sweet Orange 

  • ANTI-FUNGALS: Roman Chamomile, Tea Tree 


  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES: Lavender, Pro Vitamin b5, Roman Chamomile, Rooibos Tea, Tea Tree 

  • ANTI-MICROBIALS: Hydrogen Peroxide 

  • ANTI-OXIDANTS: Bilberry, Cranberry 

  • ANTI-SEPTICS: Tea Tree 

  • CONDITIONING PROTEINS: Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins 

  • DETOXIFIERS: Activated Charcoal

  • EMOLLIENTS: Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins 
    Pro-Vitamin b5 
    Vegetable Glycerin 

  • EMULSIFIER: Water 

  • EXFOLIANTS: Lemon, Sugar Cane 

  • FIRMING AGENT: DMAE, Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Citric Acid, Sugar Maple 

  • PRESERVATIVES: Sodium Benzoate 

  • PH ADJUSTERS: Citric Acid 


  • SURFACTANTS: Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Cocoamphaecetate