For many years activated carbon or charcoal has been used in the medical field for it’s capability to absorb toxins that are harmful to the human body. Not only is it used in emergency rooms for poison extraction, but it is used to treat spider bites, filter water, whiten teeth, remove mold, and now we can find it in baked goods and cleansing beverages.

The uses for it are amazing and the results are usually very noticeable.

We have been using activated charcoal a lot lately for obvious reasons, but we wanted to share our experiences:

-Preventing a hangover:  mix half to a tea spoon of activated charcoal with some water and drink before going to sleep. I like to put it all in a cocktail mixer, shake it with ice and serve neat. To replenish yourself, have some blk. spring water when you wake up.

-Whitening teeth: we have tried to apply the stuff directly to our teeth but that is too messy and not that pleasant. We use Ecodenta toothpaste.

-Activated charcoal soap: Great for eliminating strong clinging smells like cigarette smell. Test regular soap vs activated charcoal soap, the difference is clear.


What is your experience with activated charcoal? Leave us a comment below.