For many years activated carbon or charcoal has been used in the medical field for it’s capability to absorb toxins that are harmful to the human body. Not only is it used in emergency rooms for poison extraction, but it is used to treat spider bites, filter water, whiten teeth, remove mold, and now we can find it in baked goods and cleansing beverages.

The uses for it are amazing and the results are usually very noticeable.

We have been using activated charcoal a lot lately for obvious reasons, but we wanted to share our experiences:

-Preventing a hangover:  mix half to a tea spoon of activated charcoal with some water and drink before going to sleep. I like to put it all in a cocktail mixer, shake it with ice and serve neat. To replenish yourself, have some blk. spring water when you wake up.

-Whitening teeth: we have tried to apply the stuff directly to our teeth but that is too messy and not that pleasant. We use Ecodenta toothpaste.

-Activated charcoal soap: Great for eliminating strong clinging smells like cigarette smell. Test regular soap vs activated charcoal soap, the difference is clear.


What is your experience with activated charcoal? Leave us a comment below.


We are sure most of our audience are aware of the benefits of exfoliating, but in case you need to be reminded, exfoliating helps generate new skin, which can lead to even color and smooth, younger looking skin. It helps keep pores clean, making them look smaller and keeping path clear to avoid ingrown hairs and acne.

If you are on top  of this congrats on having great skin. If you are not, get on it. We have a couple of products to help you out: our B1ack Exfoliating Cloth and the Bichontan Kojac Sponge. To make it even better try the Shamanuti Activated Charcoal cleanser, it helps balance the PH in skin and to extract dirt and excess oil. The same goes to the Bichontan Cleanser and Mask. 

To all black color enthusiasts out there.

People often ask us why black? But there are others who don't. They are immediately thrilled with the idea of an all black store. This site is dedicated to those people; nonconformist individuals who are always looking for distinction even in their day to day processes, the ones going against the grain.

With an over-saturation of black products in today's markets, it is hard to find quality items at a fair price. We have personally been in search for these products, know exactly what to look for and have learnt how to care for them. And for those products in black which have not been created in mass amounts, we are also in search of.  We hope you will benefit from our experience, indulge and share with others who might enjoy our current and future selection.

The search continues and your suggestions are always welcome.


S K I N & B O N E S

Whether it was Mies van der Rohe, himself, or another in a long line of influential purveyors of Bauhaus who coined the phrase; “Less is more” is as simple and complex as the steel and glass structures that came to signify modernity at a time when the U.S. was buried in tradition.

A beaming beacon to Chicago, yet just as influential and compelling worldwide, van der Rohe shaped his work from the neo-classical into an all-glass wonder, leaving only room for straight black lines in between. The result of his influence affecting all facets of art, whether it be painting, film, fashion literature or music. 

" I am for discipline. I am for clarity and for good craftsmanship..."

- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe